David Clare et al., "The Golden Thread: Irish Women Playwrights (1716-2016)" (Liverpool UP, 2021)


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The 2015 #WakingTheFeminists Campaign for gender equality in Irish theatre highlighted the marginalization of women in this industry and led to several significant initiatives that interrogated existing theater practices and pushed for inclusion and representation. Inspired by this movement, three academics, David Clare, Fiona McDonagh, and Justine Nakase, joined forces to co-edit a two-volume collection of scholarship on Irish women playwrights. In this episode, these three scholars discuss their new volumes entitled The Golden Thread: Irish Women Playwrights (1716-2016) (Liverpool UP 2021).

Spanning from the eighteenth-century to the present day, The Golden Thread brings together the work of leading scholars in Irish theater and women’s writing with that of theater practitioners to recover the often-hidden contributions of women playwrights. The collection develops a counter-canon of Irish playwrights that examines issues of class, sexuality, and disability.

Colleen English is a scholar of Irish and Romantic literature based at Loyola University Chicago. She co-convenes the Irish Studies Scholarly Seminar at the Newberry Library. Twitter feed: https://twitter.com/colleenjenglish

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