REPLAY: Magic Meets Macrocognition with Simon Henderson


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Original Air Date: 1/29/2021

Show Description:

Simon Henderson is an independent deception consultant working in the UK and the US. His career has involved researching, teaching, and consulting on deception, counter-deception, information operations and cyber operations within a variety of government, military, and law enforcement organizations. He is passionate about novel and pro-social applications of these fields.

Learn more about Simon’s work:

Deception by Design

Evaluation of the counter fake-news game, Harmony Square

Immersive theatre company, Punchdrunk

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Brian Moon

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Laura Militello

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Simon’s early path to a career in deception [1:15]

First exposure to NDM [5:54]

Proposing to apply magic and deception skills to military [20:59]

The technique of misdirection in deception [24:42]

Nuances of using deception on experts [32:31]

One question that could determine if someone is a magician [41:51]

Differences between observing and performing magic [47:58]

Outlook for the next 15 years and details about Simon’s blog and book [51:48]

Two truths and a lie [1:02:55]

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