Episode #2: Interview with Robert Hoffman


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Show Description:

“Robert is a luminary in the NDM community, a widely recognized world leader in cognitive systems engineering and Human-Centered Computing, and a senior member and fellow of numerous international science and engineering societies. Since 1999, he has called the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition his organizational home, and he organized the NDM 6 conference in 2003 in his hometown of Pensacola, FL. He has co-authored and co-edited 18 scholarly books – including two with your hosts! – and is co-author on over 100 publications in peer-reviewed journals. For twenty years, he served as Co-Editor for the Department on Human-Centered Computing in IEEE: Intelligent Systems. He was a co-founder of The Journal of Cognitive Engineering and Decision Making, a major publication outlet for NDM research.”

Where to find Robert:

Institute for Human and Machine Cognition

Books by Robert:

Minding the weather: How expert forecasters think.

Cognitive Systems Engineering: The Future for a Changing World.

Perspectives on Cognitive Task Analysis: Historical Origins and Modern Communities of Practice.

Applied concept mapping: Capturing, analyzing, and organizing knowledge.

Learn more about NDM:


Journal of Cognitive Engineering and Decision Making

Where to find hosts Brian Moon and Laura Militello:

Brian’s website

Brian’s LinkedIn

Brian’s Twitter

Laura’s website

Laura’s LinkedIn

Laura’s Twitter


Robert's first published paper [1:45]

Event’s that led to Robert’s interest in NDM [5:15]

Robert’s shift from psychometrics [14:00]

NDM research project that Robert is most excited about [17:00]

The falsifiability of NDM and research limitations surrounding the coronavirus [22:40]

Shortcomings of graduate psychology and computer programs [25:30]

Advice for people interested in exploring the NDM field [27:45]

Two experiences and the lessons they imparted about eliciting expert knowledge [29:45]

Some things about Robert that others might not know [35:30]

Reasons why Robert loves football so much [37:45]

Athletes and cognitive task analysis [40:17]

Word association exercise [42:00]

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