Episode 6: Lindsay Berra


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We are joined by Lindsay Berra, who gives us the inside scoop about "It Ain't Over," an upcoming documentary about her grandfather, Yogi, which will be shown at the upcoming Tribeca Film Festival. Lindsay brings us back to July 18, 1999, where we will accompany her to Yankee Stadium for 'Yogi Berra Day,' marking her grampa's return to the Bronx after nearly 15 years following a falling out with principal owner George M. Steinbrenner. It was a magical afternoon, with Don Larsen tossing the ceremonial first pitch to Yogi, tapping the gloves used by pitcher David Cone and catcher Joe Girardi. Cone, of course, went on to pitch the 16th perfect game in Major League history, a 6-0 blanking of the Montreal Expos. We'll share Yogi stories, discuss '90's pop culture (who knew Yogi was such a Seinfeld fan?) and much more!

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