On To the Next One | Matches To Make After UFC Vegas 55


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After picking up back-to-back main event wins over former women's bantamweight champions, Ketlen Vieira wants her opportunity at UFC gold following her win this past Saturday over Holly Holm. But has she done enough to earn one?

This week on On To the Next One, MMA Fighting's Mike Heck and Alexander K. Lee put on their matchmaking hats to discuss where Vieira and Holm go after the controversial result to the UFC Vegas 55 headliner. In addition, future matchups are discussed for Michel Pereira after his split decision victory over Santiago Ponzinibbio in the Fight of the Night, Chidi Njokuani following his Performance of the Night earning knockout of Dusko Todorovic, Tabatha Ricci and Jun Yong Park after earning decision wins to kick off the main card, and more

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