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MLOps Coffee Sessions #126 with George Mathew, ML Unicorn Start-up Investor Tells-IT-All.
// Abstract
What's so enticing about enterprise software? It's incredible to see George's idea and vision to invest in generationally enduring companies.
Let's look at the way how George likes to structure deals with companies while he's reviewing them and let's look at the MLOps ecosystem through the eyes of the investors.
// Bio
George Mathew joins Insight Partners as a Managing Director focused on venture stage investments in AI, ML, Analytics, and Data companies as they are establishing product/market Fit.
He brings 20+ years of experience developing high-growth technology startups including most recently being CEO of Kespry. Prior to Kespry, George was President & COO of Alteryx where he scaled the company through it’s IPO (AYX). Previously he held senior leadership positions at SAP and He has driven company strategy, led product management and development, and built sales and marketing teams.
George holds a Bachelor of Science in Neurobiology from Cornell University and a Masters in Business Administration from Duke University, where he was a Fuqua Scholar.
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