Let's Continue Bundling into the Database // Ethan Rosenthal // MLOps Coffee Sessions #131


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MLOps Coffee Sessions #131 {Podcast BTS} with Ethan Rosenthal, Let's Continue Bundling into the Database co-hosted by Mike Del Balso.
// Abstract
The relationship between ML Engineers and Product Managers is something that we don't talk about enough. We've got to get this right. If we don't get this right, either you're not focusing on the business problems in the right way or the Product Managers are not going to understand the tech appropriately to help make the right decisions.
// Bio
Ethan works on the Conversations Team at Square leading a team of Artificial Intelligence Engineers. Ethan's team builds applied AI solutions for Square Messages, a messaging hub for Square merchants to communicate with their customers. Prior to Square, Ethan spent time as a freelance data science consultant building machine learning products for a range of companies, from pre-seed startups to Fortune 100 enterprises.
Ethan got his start in data science working at two different e-commerce startups, Birchbox and Dia&Co. Before data science, Ethan was an actual scientist and got his Ph.D. in experimental physics from Columbia University.
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[00:00] Ethan's preferred coffee
[00:10] Introduction to co-host Mike Del Balso
[00:43] Takeaways
[04:10] Sign up for our newsletter!
[04:47] Ethan's team
[06:49] Ethan's team improvement
[08:40] Product manager role at Square
[10:39] Large Language Models
[12:22] Big questions to figure out
[15:45] Cost of false-positive
[18:20] Company Vocabulary
[20:11] MLOps concerns and challenges around Large Language Models
[23:42] Data learning management
[27:36] Leveling trade-offs
[30:25] Ethan's Database Bundling blog
[34:32] Feature Stores
[38:24] Streaming databases
[41:57] Best of both worlds trade-off highlight
[43:51] Rosenthal data
[46:40] Ethan's freelancing
[47:46] Risk-reward trade-off
[49:17] Ethan as a professor
[51:14] Wrap up

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