Episode 32: Sophisticated Chill 11


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I was lucky enough to have come of age during the glory years of the 90s when clubbing was in it's youthful years and it wasn't pounding beats far into the next morning/day. During those years the transition from late night to the early morning hours at clubs and parties were notable for the slowing of the BPM tempo as the music settled into a melodic and emotionally-rich groove. One could hear and dance to the most spine-chilling music imaginable as the DJ (me) slowly allowed the crowds to come down from the ecstatic euphoria from the peak of the night. Those morning time hours were and still are my favorite aspect of the journey. Fast forward to now: these Sophisticated Chill sets are largely a result of my having come of age during that time and are my nod to it all. One important note is that all the music on these sets is fresh and new. Although the style of music is a nod to the past...the actual music is a nod to the here and now. Times have changed and I have changed too. But what hasn't changed is my commitment to providing you, my listeners, touching and emotionally uplifting music whether you be on a dance floor at 6AM or you're cleaning your house, going for a run, Flagging in your living room or driving home from a long day at work. This is music that transcends atmospheres. I hope that you receive it with as much joy as I give it after having conceived and composed it. This is my gift and my labor of love for you. From my heart...to your ears. Enjoy!
01. Paul Oakenfold/The World Can Wait/John Askew Downtempo Mix
02. Black Eye Peas/Where Is The Love/Clement BCX Rework)
03. Gareth Emery/Way To You/Original Mix
04. Alan Walker, Ruben/Heading Home/Original Mix
05. Chicane/Saltwater/Chicane's Slow Tide Extended Remix
06. Shallou/All Your Days/Original Mix
07. GoldFish/Hold Your Kite/Original Mix
08. FDVM, Madism/Forget The World/Original Mix
09. Kesha/Stronger/Sam Feldt Extended Remix
10. LVNDSCAPE/What I'd Give/Extended Mix
11. Dakota/All I Think Of Is You/Alex Gaudino & Kellerman Mix
12. Wrabel/Moon Rider/Jai Wolf Original Mix
13. Lost Kings/Don't Call/Original Mix
14. Aexcit/What We Do/Extended Re-Edit
15. GoldFish/Everlasting Love/Extended Mix
16. Elton John, Dua Lipa/Cold Heart/PNAU Remix
17. American Authors, SeeB/Best I Can/Petey Remix
18. Rogelio Douglas Jr./Better Man/Klingande Extended Mix
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