Episode 148: Ghost in the Shell (2017)


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Just in case you’re feeling too comfortable, we’re hitting you with another episode of “Whitewashing,” the series where two white guys talk about replacing non-white characters with white actors. Sure, we’re qualified for that. But who’s going to stop us? (checks behind door) Oh good, nobody’s here to stop us.
So anyway, this week we’re discussing an uncomfortably recent film, the 2017 live-action adaptation of an iconic anime from 1995, “Ghost in the Shell.” Personally, I like my ghosts deep fried with tartar sauce but if you’re the sort who likes them fresh in the shell, I say go for it! Or am I confusing ghosts with oysters? Happens so often . . . I can’t be the only one who makes this mistake . . . No, the classic anime, which inspired such films as the Matrix and many, many others, deals with the complex and fascinating concept of the blurring of the line between human beings and machines. This live-action version? Well, tune in and see. When it was announced that distinctly non-Asian actor Scarlett Johannsson was going to play the lead role, a character who was originally Japanese, there was quite a backlash. Many people were upset. Join us and learn exactly who was upset . . . and more interestingly, who was NOT upset. You may be surprised; I can tell you right now that I certainly was. Give a listen and enjoy our surprised-ness!

Poll question: What was a movie you saw that had a “big twist” that you totally saw coming, or conversely, what is a movie with a “big twist” that totally worked on you?

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