The Origins of Matrix Assassins with VLOW and Nicole


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#23 Step into the game with the MA girls for a one-on-one host-to-host discussion with VLOW and Nicole. Learn about their origins: how they met (which dates all the way back to the early 2000s) and how the podcast eventually came to be. It has been an awesome whirlwind of only 6 months since the very start of Matrix Assassins. Stay tuned! There are many more exciting things to come.
Some topics discussed include:
VLOW and Nicole discuss how they met, their backgrounds, the origins of Matrix Assassins, podcasting, life in the early 2000s, 6-month podcasting mark, DSM-V, psychology, therapy, psychiatry, awakening stories, MySpace, surface piercings, MTV, 9/11, 24-hour news cycle, predictive programming, Netflix algorithm, pandemic life, manifestation, corporate life, finding purpose, importance of community, escaping the matrix, spiritual warfare, detoxing, toxic personal care products, Q&A session, and so much more.

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