Emancipating Yourself from the Matrix with Jennifer Longmore


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47: Step into the game with the MA girls for an enlightening conversation with Jennifer Longmore, the founder of the #1 Akashic Record Training School in the world and host of the popular Soul Journeys® and 7 Figure Club podcasts. As a former forensic investigator, Jennifer honored her calling to become a channel slash healer and has since taught over one hundred thousand people in over 100 countries to use their Akashic Records to release deep-seated trauma, change their financial narrative, and build a bigger, better, and more fulfilling life in the 5D world.

Some topics discussed include:
Forensic investigation, the matrix, inversion, weather warfare, financial fortitude, preparing, building alternative communities, predictive programming during the Super Bowl, trauma bonding in the Truther Community, utilizing the Akashic Records, being coded for this time, Russia-Ukraine situation, deception on the world stage, emancipation from systems, electric vehicle agenda, common law, natural law, frequency war, being a steward of your own consciousness, elevating consciousness, the global financial system, emancipating from paying taxes, emancipating from the medical system, assets being frozen by governments, emancipating from the corporate matrix, reality TV, and so much more.

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