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Thank you to all the amazing mother's of the world! I thank you for your amazing ability to inspire, motivate, influence, always know what's best, and just your unconditional love that you all have for your children! Thank you for what you do for the world by raising amazing children to make our world a better place! This podcast shares stories of my child hood that from my Mother's wisdom influenced how I think today and has helped me achieve things I would have never been able to achieve without her support! Take a listen now and share stories of the people that have influenced you in your life!! To learn more how to partner with iTunes and take YOUR message global head over to and subscribe to our list to learn more about the power of podcasting! Also - please rate the show in itunes give it 5 stars and share any topics you'd like to be covered on the show there or just your comments are greatly appreciated and great karma will come your way! :)

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