Truth, Humor, & Satire | Kyle Mann, BabylonBee | Ep. 4.09


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Friday, Kyle Mann, novelist and Editor-in-Chief at the BabylonBee, takes a break from spreading conservative disinformation for a chat. We're gonna be talking about satire, humor, modern-day allegories, and free speech in today's social media landscape. Join us for the conversation Friday, 3-4 PM Eastern!

Hosts: Lauren Moore, Kalene Williams Special Guest: Kyle Mann

00:00 Opening remarks and introductions

-Discord server is up!

-Keystroke Coffee is live!

-Use Plottr!

02:30 Main Event – Truth, Humor, & Satire | Kyle Mann, BabylonBee

-Kyle gives a synopsis of Babylon Bee. -How Kyle got into writing.

-“What is writing? Writing is telepathy.” – Stephen King -Writing long and short form.

-Resisting the urge to give stage direction.

-The writing and editing process to the final draft.

-The enjoyment of long epic sagas as well as economically tight works.

-Writing to a specific market.

28:35 Sponsor Joel Berry and Kyle Mann’s The Postmodern Pilgrim’s Progress: An Allegorical Tale

31:06 Main Event – Truth, Humor, & Satire | Kyle Mann, BabylonBee, Continued!

-Changing writing habits. -Handling or managing reader responses to your work.

-Why they went with a publisher rather than the indie approach.

-Things that publishers can provide over indie. -Tips on writing humor.

-Read lots and lots of humorous fiction.

-Broader tip: read in the genre you want to write in, good and bad.

-Finding the right punchline (going for longevity vs. pop culture that fades quickly)

-Changes made to improve the broad appeal.

59:45 Closing remarks


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