Honoring Hekate on the Dark Moon: History, How To, and A Meditation


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In this combo episode, I walk us through the historical origins on Honoring Hekate on the Dark Moon, to modern practice, and then through a meditative journey.

The historical practices conducted on the Dark Moon in propitiation of Hekate, focused on seeking her protection for the coming new lunar month. Known as Hekate's Deipnon (meaning "supper"), in parts of the ancient Mediterranean, households would engage in purification, create offerings, and leave them at a crossroads.

I break down how to adapt this to our modern lives, from working with Hekate's Sacred Flame through the Triformis Ritual, cleansing through khernips, making meaningful offerings, and going on a Dark Moon Crossroads pilgrimage.

Then I lead us through a meditative journey to Hekate's Garden where we leave our offerings on the Moon Altar at the crossroads.

From "Keeping Her Keys: An Introduction to Hekate's Modern Witchcraft:" This is a time for expressing devotion to Hekate. The word “devotion” may seem odd to you, I know it did when I first heard it applied to a deity. Devotion means being committed to Hekate. Even that sounds a tad strange. What it means is that you have a relationship with her wherein you are committed to honoring her through various activities. Devotion to Hekate requires the same attitude being applied to ourselves. We honor both ourselves and Hekate by living a magical life, practicing witchcraft, and expressing our devotion.

The Deipnon is the time we set aside as a special day for honoring Hekate. This can be celebrated in diverse ways. You can adapt the traditional Hekate’s Supper, you can create a personal ritual based on your understanding of Hekate or any other activity that makes sense to you. Any of the offerings previously discussed are appropriate. I typically go on what I call a devotional walk to the place where I perform my Deipnon ritual. During this walk, I’ll do various versions of the Three Keys chant, recite a list of epithets and some excerpts from the ancient texts. I also often do the Evocation of Hekate that you’ve been practicing.

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Ethics: https://keepingherkeys.com/ethics

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