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Jed reacts to her former commentary on Andrew Tate and female self-defense, then responds to Tristan Tate’s comments on high female body count and abortion. She covers a video that suggests that marriage forces women into chore slavery, then closes with reaction to a video of Former WHO director, Margaret Chan, saying that 70% of their budget has strings attached.

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About the show:

Welcome to a free-speech zone where dating, politics, and hot debate come to life. Join former television host Jedediah Bila as she unravels what’s broken in the dating game, tackles the dangers of modern feminism, and exposes The System’s multifaceted, hazardous agenda. Known for her fearless commentary and passion for freedom and free-thinking minds, Jedediah digs into such topics as “toxic” masculinity, the modern feminist agenda, big-government tyranny, how men and women are different, the dangers of pornography, societal neutering of men, and the problem with a culture of promiscuity. She holds women, men, and political elites accountable in her signature no-bullsh*t style. She stands up for liberty, personal responsibility, and traditional values, rallying against The System’s desire for an increasingly weak, puppeteered, entitled culture. And she does it all in a combination of solo and interview-style shows that are sure to get you thinking and fired up to join the conversation.

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