#NewYorkGiants beat #CarolinaPanthers 25-3, have to visit #KansasCityChiefs on #MondayNightFootball


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#BigBlue advances to 2-5 after an impressive 25-3 win over the #Panthers. Can the #Giants use the moment from the win to takedown #PatrickMahomes and the #Chiefs on #MNF? With the #NFL #TradeDeadline coming up what moves should the Giants look to pursue? Plus, #BestBets and #FantasyFootball locks of the week.

New York Giants beat Carolina Panthers 25-3

  • Player Stats
    • Daniel Jones: 23/33 for 203 yds, TD
    • Devontae Booker: 14 carries for 51 yds, TD
    • Darius Slayton: 5 recs for 63 yds
    • James Bradberry: 2 tackles, INT
    • Azeez Ojulari: 5 tackles, 2.5 sacks
    • Leonard Williams: 6 tackles, 1.5 sacks
  • Team Stats
    • 7 for 16 on 3rd down
    • 2 for 3 in the red zone
    • 8 penalties for a loss of 60 yds
    • 34:35 time of possession
    • 2 sacks allowed
  • Injury Report
    • Jabril Peppers placed on IR with ruptured ACL and high ankle sprain
    • Kadarius Toney (ankle), Danny Shelton (pectoral), Sterling Shepard (hamstring), Kenny Golladay (knee), Saquon Barkley (ankle), and Lorenzo Carter (ankle) all listed as questionable

Monday Night Football @ Kansas City Chiefs (3-4)

  • Season Stats
    • Patrick Mahomes: 67.5 CMP%, 2,093 yds, 18 TDs, 9 INTs, 2 FUMs, rush TD
    • Tyreek Hill: 641 yds, 5 TDs, FUM
    • Travis Kelce: 533 yds, 4 TDs
    • Tyrann Mathieu: 31 tackles, 4 PDs, 2 INTs
  • Injury Report
    • Patrick Mahomes listed as questionable for undisclosed injury
    • Clyde Edwards-Helaire (knee) on IR

Giants Trade Deadline

  • With the trade deadline coming up on Tuesday, what do we expect from the Giants?
    • Fire sale?
    • Who’s untouchable?
    • Who would you let go of?
    • What is a realistic trade that the Giants can make to better their future, immediate or long term?

Best Bets

  • Records
    • Sean: 5-2
    • Jace: 3-3-1
    • Joe: 4-3
    • Zay: 3-4
  • Spread, over/under, player or team prop bets, give me your best bet

Fantasy Locks

  • Last week’s results
    • Joe’s pick: Josh Allen
      • Already picked: Tom Brady, Justin Herbert, Kyler Murray, Joe Burrow, Derrick Henry, Matthew Stafford, DeAndre Hopkins
      • Fantasy lock total: 162.28 fpts
    • Sean’s pick: Joe Mixon
      • Already picked: Stefon Diggs, Keenan Allen, Daniel Jones, Davante Adams, Patrick Mahomes, Najee Harris, Derrick Henry
      • Fantasy lock total: 118.72 fpts
    • Jace’s pick:
      • Already picked: Tyrod Taylor, Aaron Jones, Josh Allen, Rob Gronkowski, Michael Carter, Patrick Mahomes, Jameis Winston
      • Fantasy lock total: 156.02 fpts
    • Zay’s pick:
      • Already picked: Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Christian McCaffrey, Tyreek Hill, Derrick Henry, Ja’Marr Chase, Kyler Murray
      • Fantasy lock total: 176.7 fpts
  • Changing it up this year, you can only pick a player once, so choose your lock wisely

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