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Welcome to Intuitive Kids! Did you know research shows that children who have a positive, active relationship with spirituality are 60% percent less likely to be depressed as teenagers? They’re also more likely to have positive markers for high levels of academic success and become stronger, more resilient adults. This is what we all want for our kids and why we created the Intuitive Kids podcast. Intuitive Kids is a spiritual podcast helping children of all ages raise their vibration and develop their intuition. One of the most important gifts we can give children is to help them trust themselves. When a child trusts themself, they possess an inner compass and calm they’ll utilize their entire life. By developing our intuition we get to know who we are; we feel a deep connection with the Divine; we identify our purpose; and we begin to drive our own lives. Your host, Julie Jancius, is The Angel Medium™. She’s also the creator of the top #9 spiritual podcast, Angels and Awakening, which receives over 2.5 million downloads a year in 145+ countries around the world. Julie is the founder of Angel Reiki and a world renowned angel expert on a mission to teach you how to connect with your angels and loved ones on the Other Side in order to make living “Heaven on Earth.” WORK WITH JULIE Angel Membership: Angel Reiki School: Book A Session With Julie: Purchase Julie’s book, Angels and Awakening, on or Listen to Julie’s top #9 spiritual podcast, Angels and Awakening: Instagram: @angelpodcast TikTok: @angelpodcast Facebook Group:

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