Salesforce’s Strong FY22 Q2 and the Importance of Slack Success


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Salesforce announced their FY22 Q2 earnings and they once again had another strong quarter, posting an impressive 23% revenue growth while also raising full year guidance by over $300M. On top of this, Salesforce once again reminded everyone how confident they are that they will hit $50B by FY26. Beyond the normal callouts to the strength of their product portfolio (the Customer 360) and the strong demand environment, each Salesforce executive made it a point to mention the very important role Slack is going to play in Salesforce’s success moving forward. In this podcast, Salesforce Practice Leader, Adam Mansfield, discusses where Salesforce will focus to accomplish these goals, including how they will position and use Slack as well as the tactics they will deploy to meet and exceed their $50B target. He also shares how enterprise customers can take advantage of some of these insights as they prepare for their upcoming Salesforce renewal negotiations. Host: Adam Mansfield: SalesForce Commercial Advisory Services:

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