Salesforce’s Full Year Fiscal 2021 Results: Insights for Enterprise Customers


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Salesforce had yet another strong quarter and a strong year despite the challenges the pandemic presented. With 24% growth in full year revenue, Salesforce achieved its longtime goal to become a $21B company. In the earnings call, Benioff talked about how they were set up ahead of the pandemic and how relying on their own products, enabled them to be successful. They also posted an impressive 40% growth for their biggest driver of revenue, “Salesforce platform and Other”. The earnings call presented a lot that customers need to pay attention to moving forward such as the fact that Salesforce is raising its full year 2022 revenue guidance by 200M, projecting they are going to see 21% growth to become a $25.75B company this time next year (which includes closing the Slack deal). Once the Slack merger is approved, they are going to continue to build Slack into more of their products. They also raised their FY22 Q1 guidance by $170M. Overall, Salesforce’s pipeline is strong and built on top itself over the year. Salesforce will continue to invest in building out its sales team to keep up with demand. In this podcast, Practice Leader Adam Mansfield, discusses the key takeaways customers should be aware of and how they can start preparing for Salesforce’s inevitably aggressive sales push of Customer 360, especially as Salesforce works to justify their record-breaking $27.7B acquisition of Slack, as well as the earlier acquisitions of Tableau and Mulesoft. Host: Adam Mansfield: SalesForce Commercial Advisory Services:

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