StreetNOW Evening News Dec 13, 2020 by indacarseat Datguy Terry Ashford


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This StreetNOW News report details the mayor’s Situational Update on COVID in the District of Columbia on December 13, 2020. It highlights the handling of the virus by merchants and store management teams and a barring of journalist Broadcaster Terry Dwayne Ashford on the exact morning he reports on censorship by Facebook. Washington DC MPD Hodges met the StreetNOW News Reporter at the store thought to have been protection when it turns out that Hodges was involved with the scheme that engaged a black female manager whom had refused questions from the indacarseat Datguy Terry Dwayne Ashford weeks, maybe a month prior. This evening report includes the trumpet report by indacarseat Datguy and crimes, utilities and police alerts in addition to sharing the Mayor’s Communications Situational Update that should be available to the city obtained from public sources. This report --- Send in a voice message:

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