Cheetos “I am Gonna Shoot You” by InDaCarSeat DaTGuY Terry Dwayne Ashford


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Cheetos “I am Gonna Shoot You” by InDaCarSeat DaTGuY Terry Dwayne Ashford is a streetNOW News on Crimes report brought to you by InDaCarSeat DaTGuY, Terry Dwayne Ashford for BlabberNEWS on Broadcast. —- The threat came from 2 men sitting in a silver Large LTD “old Chevy caprice” type vehicle- seemingly stashed near a tennis court where the journalist plays tennis. The men are obviously carrying out crimes- and the day before the man approached the vehicle of the journalist- the men sat in front of the recreational center in front of the children’s playground signaling at white men. This was noticed by InDaCarSeat DaTGuY, but no words was passed. The men signaled and InDaCarSeat DaTGuY got out of the car to check the tennis courts- and spat onto the ground going back to the car. Ate his sandwich and left. The next day - this man approached the journalist’s car with his window partially down, eating Cheetos as he approached and said “Fight me” - and began going on and on at the windows at the tennis court where InDaCarSeat DaTGuY was just about to get OUT to practice. The man was asked “Fight for what!” And the strange man that has never been seen before said “you called me a faggit I heard it from inside your car.” Well really my response was “so what if I did call you a faggit in my car” but I pulled back to diffuse the n8GGER to avoid the confusion. The man said “get out and fight me like a man” and looked into the car, saw the stick apparatus on the seat of my car- and said “that stick don’t scare me. Fight me!” The journalist saw the man’s eying the stick on the seat of the car and the journalist’s response was “dude I am not trying to scare you. I don’t even know you. Get the HELL on!” By then the car began to not start and the man began making comments about what he was going to do. And said “next time I see you 👀 over hear- I am going to SHOOT YOU.” Oh yeah, you gonna SHOOT ME? And that is when the 911 dispatcher got my call. Silver Old Large Dingy dented LTD Caprice style on the scale of a large old Silver impala- was the car that housed two large Black Thug - appearing MEN- threatening. We gonna see BITCHBOY when we lock your bitch ass Under this jail. We gonna SEE your little dumb asses dead. Keep your faggit threats. We calling the police as soon as we see them again. Let us mention that this vehicle began parking and carrying out this crime as of two days ago. Running around fighting over GOOK-in-a-Mouth? Sorry not my cup of tea. Photos coming showing the silver caprice LTD Impala Chevy styled oldie vehicle. This activity appears to be inside terrorism planned at implementation of “cowboy vs Indian’s pilgrimaged plight in America- done on blacks by Black Thugs- for whiter sexual pleasures and exchanges. Opportunity? Love ❤️? Or Threats - threatening and cell-designed prostitution aimed at targets for reasons that may expand. And on that, what a fine time to show reports done earlier that morning of the Washington DC police sitting around the corner out of sight of the journalist, in hidden formation, behind the place, of the location; where InDaCarSeat DaTGuY was parking producing the BlabberNEWS-on-Broadcast Reports: Again this report is brought to you by the same person attacked but failed to kill, we allege, and even SABOTAGED and has thus failed AT that too. His name is the InDaCarSeat DaTGuY, Terry Dwayne Ashford, StreetNOW News on Crimes. This crime may have been inside of those you thought was protecting YOU. - click the link for the complete report. This narrative is an abbreviation to the REAL THiNG. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message:

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