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The IHG Owners Association are the most established, successful and distinctive hotel owners association in the industry. With more than six decades of experience, we know what it takes to bring about unprecedented change and achieve monumental goals.We are pleased to present to you this series of bi-monthly podcasts with the IHG Owners Association hosts, Carly Hunt and John Stuart, as we discuss “Hoteliers Hot Topics” aimed at IHG franchisees, bringing you key insights for the market through our incredible guests who are specialists across a variety of roles in the hospitality sector.These Podcasts are not staged interviews, they are genuine honest round table discussions sharing information for you to take back to your hotels and businesses to assist your future success. In each episode we will share visions, best practices and market insights on a variety of topics, because as an Association, we know we are “Better Together”.To learn more about us visit or contact

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