Importance of gaining trust for Business : Serial entrepreneur Kirsty Sharman Explains on Hitechies Podcast.


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Serial entrepreneur Kirsty Sharman is Founder of Referral Factory, her third company.

She boasts a stellar career with over a decade of experience within technology and marketing, having consistently identified the latest consumer trends and built companies to address these needs. She Co-Founded and built an influencer marketing platform, Webfluential, all the way back in 2014 when influencers were only just developing as a viable marketing channel.

Based in Amsterdam, Kirsty founded Referral Factory in 2020, with a mission to empower any company, of any size, to build and run powerful referral programs without any technical know-how. By relying on Referral Factory’s quick and easy-to-use platform, brands can finally maximize their most underutilized sales and marketing channel - their own customers. A steadfast champion of equality, more than 50% of Referral Factory’s staff are women, and pay scales are the same for every employee, regardless of gender.

A proud Johannesburger, she was listed as one of the top 200 young South Africans to watch and also Co-Founded Johannesburg's first Girl Geek Dinners female networking events. In addition, driven by her commitment to diversity, Referral Factory has been recognized as one of the most gender-diverse startups in the Netherlands.

Kirsty’s expertise as a trendspotter in the marketing and technology spaces has seen her featured by Adweek, the BBC, The Drum, and The Next Web.

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