How to become a successful Content Writer? Adam Bertram Explains In Hitechies Podcast.


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Adam Bertram is a 20+ year veteran of IT and an experienced online business professional. He is an entrepreneur, IT influencer, Microsoft MVP, blogger, trainer, author, and content marketing writer for multiple technology companies.
He is passionate about solving technical problems through automation and sharing his knowledge with the world. This passion has led him to become a founder of the tech startup TechSnips, a Microsoft Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP, Pluralsight course author, and technology writer for both print and online tech publications.
He is mostly focused on content and training in the tech sector for his one-man business. He also built and sold a small technology-training company called TechSnips.
He has been preaching about lifestyle businesses, side hustles, and more for many years now and he is very passionate about this topic.

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