Ep 81 – The Phantom Killer (Texarkana Moonlight Murders)


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Late at night in February 1946, Jimmy Hollis and Mary Jeanne Larey parked in a lovers' lane on the outskirts of Texarkana, a mid-size town that sat on the border between Texas and Arkansas. At 11:55 PM, a man in a white cloth mask approached the driver's side door and demanded they get out of the car, before attacking them. Both Jimmy and Mary Jeanne survived the encounter, but almost all other victims of the Phantom Killer — as he would come to be known — would not.

In this episode, we discuss the Phantom Killer's crimes, the victims, and the stories of the survivors.

But first, Zoey's Something Spooky is the story of Screaming Jenny in West Virginia.

CW: sexual assault and suicide

Sources: https://hauntedhospitality.wordpress.com/2022/10/18/ep-81-the-phantom-killer-texarkana-moonlight-murders

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