Ep 74 – Haunted College Tour Part 10 – University of Virginia and College of William and Mary


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We all knew it was coming, but it came too soon. This is the final part of Season Two of our Haunted College Tour Palooza. But fear not, it will make its return next year!

Closing us out for August 2022, Zoey shares the ghosts of the University of Virginia, a college with many notable alumni including Mr. Spooky himself, Edgar Allen Poe. Here we learn about secret societies, odd music halls, and a very haunted Farm.

Robin has selected the College of William and Mary, a college near Colonial Williamsburg. This place is MEGA haunted to the point that former student Margot Baden created an interactive map for students to submit their haunting experiences.

But first, Robin shares a cryptid update on the Loch Ness Monster for her Something Spooky! Is she trying to take away the title of Cryptid Crown from Zoey? We shall see.

We hope that all incoming freshmen are pleasantly scared and are armed with knowledge about their soon-to-be homes. Have a haunting happen to you? Write to us at hauntedhospitalitypodcast@gmail.com!

CW: Suicide
Sources: https://hauntedhospitality.wordpress.com/2022/08/30/ep-74-haunted-college-tour-part-10-university-of-virginia-and-college-of-william-and-mary/

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