Ep 38 - An Infestation of Black-Eyed Children


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In what is one of the creepiest Haunted Hospitality episodes, Zoey shares several stories of encounters with Black Eyed Children (aka Black Eyed Kids). With the first well known story happening in Texas, this really seemed like the perfect episode for us, so it is a bit longer. Also, Robin was really looking forward to the episode, so we had to make it a good one.
However, this episode isn't just about the encounters - Zoey gets educational and teaches us about what is known as the Uncanny Valley and delves into what exactly constitutes a Black Eyed Kid encounter and just what they might be.
Our recommendation is that you lock your doors, turn off your lights, put your headphones on, light a candle, then sit back and embrace the creepy shivers you'll get from this episode.
Before we get into the Black Eyed Children, Robin débuts her first Kreature Korner (or perhaps she's put together enough to know it's spelt Creature Corner) where she talks about Banshees, an old Irish tale about women who let you know a loved one has died by screaming at you in the dead of night.
Sources: https://hauntedhospitality.wordpress.com/2021/12/07/ep-38-an-infestation-of-black-eyed-children/

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