Ep 36 - The Fate of Abraham Shakespeare, Florida Lottery Winner


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It's a tale as old as lotteries: someone wins big and ends up in a worse place than where they started. In this episode, Zoey shares the tale of Florida Man Abraham Shakespeare who won the Florida $30 million Jackpot in 2006. Abraham went from irregular laboring jobs to a million dollar house practically overnight, but he also caused a sensation. Everyone knew who he was and exactly how much money he had.
When he went missing in 2009, his family had hopes that he just took his money and bought a boat and was in the Caribbean. But after an investigation by local law enforcement, a more sinister reality came to light.
But before Zoey gets into Abraham's story, Robin shares an equally scary Something Southern and Spooky. We all know dolls are creepy as mess, but in this episode Robin speaks briefly about Robert the Doll.
Sources: https://hauntedhospitality.wordpress.com/2021/11/23/ep-36-the-fate-of-abraham-shakespeare-florida-lottery-winner

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