Brent Orrell on Lessons from his Vocational Journey


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In this episode of Hardly Working, Brent’s research staff turn the tables on the host and interview Brent. In the last 64 episodes, Brent has hosted guests to discuss everything from the welfare system to neuroscience to Waffle House. This episode is a long-awaited (by us!) window into the host behind the scenes. What is the elusive “vocation” that Brent talks about with guests? What is the core of Brent’s theory of workforce development research? How was this theory developed and who influenced it? All these questions and more are finally answered.

You will hear about Brent’s own vocational journey, the people that guided it, his vocational and policy philosophy, and even a few of his favorite books. We also provide a sneak peek at our spring podcast line up. Enjoy getting to know the researcher and the research behind Hardly Working!

- Jake Easter, Jessie Wall, and Hunter Dixon

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