Ep 117: Chiptunes in an RCA Plug, an Arduino Floppy Drive, $50 CNC, and Wireless Switches


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Hackaday editors Mike Szczys and Elliot Williams discuss the latest hacks from around the Internet. 3D-Printed linear rails don't sound like a recipe for a functional CNC machine but there was one this week that really surprised us. We were delighted by the procedurally generated music from a $0.03 microcontroller inside of an RCA plug (the clever flexible PCB may be the coolest part of that one). There's an interesting trick to reverse engineering Bluetooth comms of Android apps by running in a VM and echoing to WireShark. And we look at what the buzz is all about with genetically engineered mosquito experiments taking place down in the Florida Keys.

New this week is a game of "What's that sound?". Use the form link on the show notes below to send in your answer, one winner will receive a podcast T-shirt.

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