E17 — Shavkat Got Your Tongue


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A fight-heavy episode served up for you, with Scott updating Brian on what he missed in a UFC main event Saturday between Mateusz Gamrot and Arman Tsarukyan and plenty of marveling at the monster talent possessed by surging welterweight Shavkat Rakhmonov.

And it’s a huge fight week in Las Vegas for UFC 276 and International Fight Week — which Brian will attend — as your hosts look ahead at a stacked pay-per-view with a pair of title fights, in addition to the UFC Hall of Fame inductions of a pair of legitimate MMA legends.

Always time for a little gaming though, between what the G&P guys are playing and a disappointing revelation for fans of a certain skateboarding franchise. And in greater entertainment — BE WARNED — at the very end of the show, Scott and Brian share full-spoiler reactions to “Obi-Wan” on Disney+.

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