Choose Your Chair Using These Six (6) Tips!


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There are six essential things you want to consider when selecting your dissertation chair. Their:
1. Expertise (Find out what makes them an expert on that topic. Is it work history and experience, if so to what degree? How do they work with others? Introverts or Extroverts?

2. Accessibility (Are they nationally known, popular, or like to vacation? Are they full-time or adjunct professors- How many other jobs do they have?) Find out indirectly.

3. Feedback Styles: (Do they actually provide feedback such as comments. If so how, will it be text feedback in the comment section, video feedback, etc?)

4. Success Record: How well have previous students done under their guidance? How many students graduate on time?

5. Personality Styles: Because of the collaboration process between the two of you, pay attention to the nonverbals and verbal cues.

6. Attitudes Toward Methodology: Methodology is one of the greatest obstacles in the dissertation and research process, so being on one accord with your chair on such a topic is critical. Ask questions about methodologies and find out where your potential chair stands on the issue.

The goal is to remove as many barriers as possible ahead of time because it will save you time.

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