Live Life to Leave a Mark (Motivational Audio)


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This episode came to me because of the way I used to live my own life vs how I live my life today! I was content but not happy with my life. Too often in life, we start off with these BIG hopes and dreams but then somewhere along the line we settle... We settle for an ok life because we (unconsciously) believe that's what we deserve. However, God meant for us to LIVE a life of purpose because we were created for a purpose! Too many times though we find ourselves seeking our destiny outside of his will and purpose for us! Until we truly submit our lives to his will, we will continually find ourselves struggling to find true meaning in life. Without purpose, there is no meaning and without the Almighty God, there is no purpose of life. Don't just be content to exist but strive (through Jesus Christ) to Live to leave a mark on this world!

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