George Pappas Jr.


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George Pappas was the first Jamie Salter sponsored team rider for Kemper a distinction he earned by placing 8th at the Snwoboarding World Championships in Breckenridge CO. He grew up riding with his brother Chris Pappas, Dave Dowd, Kevin Delaney, and many other legendary pro snowboarders from Colorado and around the world.
In December of last year when this was recorded George was piecing together his life after serving 5 years of a 13 year sentence for the attempted murder of his girlfriend at the time. Shortly after arriving in prison George enrolled in everything he could to try and spend as little time in jail as he could and luck (which he reminds me is the meeting of preparation and opportunity) landed him in programs that actually reached him and changed his life forever. Now, as we're nearing a year of George being out of prison, he's reno'd a home he's living in into a recovery house. He's qualified to compete in the in World Skate Games slalom events in Argentina by beating the 8 time world champion Joe McLaren at the Texas Sizzlera few weeks ago. He's in the process of being granted early release from parole. And he's reconnecting with his son Geoy.

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