Multiple 'Murdaugh’ Updates, Another Judicial Scandal and Growth Mode - Week In Review 8/13/2022


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Last week, the ‘Murdaugh Murders’ crime and corruption saga got bumped to the “C-block” – or third section – of our increasingly popular ‘Week in Review’ program.

This week the story roared back with a vengeance … and appears poised to produce even more revelations next week.

As you can see from our show notes (below), it was a huge week for Murdaugh-related news – with multiple breaking stories related to both the civil and criminal cases bearing down on this once-powerful South Carolina legal dynasty.
Special projects director Dylan Nolan, researcher Jenn Wood and myself worked around the clock this week to bring our audience all of the latest Murdaugh coverage – while I kept tabs on the other big stories that broke across the Palmetto State this week (here, here, here, here, here and here, just to name a few).

Dylan also filed a detailed report updating our audience on the latest developments regarding the placement of obscenely graphic, progressive literature in taxpayer-funded school libraries.

Finally, as always, our open microphone was turned up again this week as guest columnist Prioleau Alexander fired off another no-punches-pulled critique of the prevailing herdthink. Alexander’s insightful missive slammed the collective cultural shoulder shrugs we have seen in response to escalating Orwellian overreach and institutional corruption at the national level.

Alexander told me he has another column coming this week that is going to “melt our servers.” So stay tuned for that!

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