Connor Voss captures self-expression beyond movement exploration and dance…


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Connor Voss brings both a personal and wide lens view of how the Feldenkrais Method® can help everyone potentiate their own authentic self-expression, at whatever level or in whatever context we experience ourselves dancing. He invites us to take a fresh and fluid look at how we experience ourselves in the world by interweaving intersections from his deep loves of movement, modern experimental and improvisational dance, practice of Feldenkrais, and social activism. Connor also gives great advice for practitioners on building working relationships with community to make Feldenkrais accessible to more people.

Connor finds language to disentangle the ‘push-pull’ relationship between dance and Feldenkrais. He elucidates for dancers how a supportive and reflective Feldenkrais environment can deepen and validate their qualitative somatic experience and can individualise their own internal creative experience of what dance can be beyond choreographic score and structure. Connor also introduces how individual introspection in Awareness Through Movement® can deepen our understanding of the world around us and the play between constraints and freedoms in both human body and larger societal systems.

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Hosted by: Heidi Carroll, Libby Murray, and Kym McGregor.

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