Episode 41 - Entrepreneurship with Bhavisha Patel


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On this episode, I am joined by Bhavisha Patel, the Co-Founder of She Founds. Bhavisha has worked within the tech industry for many years and has always been very business minded. A few years back, she dabbled in starting her own business, but it wasn’t in doing something that she was passionate about. So more recently, she teamed up with her friends and started a business called She Founds which is to empower female entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into reality and connect with one another. She Founds is releasing a new course early next year which is designed to help women start their own businesses and will provide all the support they need using a specific framework which is based on the tech industry.

On this podcast, Bhavisha talks to us about her journey as an entrepreneur, why she started her own business, what she loves about business and shares some of the high level methodology which the course is based on.

It was so inspiring hearing that Bhavisha is doing something she is so passionate about and helping other women in business. They currently host monthly events, so if you’re interested, be sure to check out their Instagram page - She Founds. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shefounds/?hl=en-gb

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