January 21, 2021 | Daily News Brief |Inauguration. AACPS info. Hogan's budget. Jimmy's Famous Seafood. Summer camps.


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Give us about ten minutes a day and we will give you all the local news, local sports, local weather, and local events you can handle.

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Today...We have a new President and Vice President. Anne Arundel County Schools want to know how you want your education. Governor Hogan sent his budget to the General Assembly. Senate President Ferguson is holding up confirmation of Hogan's pick for Health Secretary. Jimmy's Famous Seafood is stepping up to the plate for Baltimoe restaurants. And if you are looking for a summer camp for your kids, check out the Annapolis Maritime Museum & Park. And their Winter Lecture Series continues tonight!

It's Thursday, which means that Trevor from Annapolis Makerspace is here with your Maker Minutes with great ideas to work out your mind and hone your skills.

And of course, George from DCMDVA Weather is here with your local weather forecast! Please download their APP so you can keep on top of the local weather scene!

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