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Devoted to understanding the Christian religious life and its social philosophy, this podcast offers weekly sermons, Bible study series, and occasional topical seminars. The teacher is Evan Bruce Wilson who serves as pastor of All Souls Christian Church in Moscow, Idaho and is director of the philosophy and hospitality ministry called The Big Haus Society. The material consists largely of considering and answering the questions of how to live before God by understanding the world and the Scriptures. The motto of The Big Haus is "It's the thought that counts." It is also a firm belief in this teaching that while the universe is subject to Futility, the Peace of God is available to those who seek. Such tranquility (regardless of calamity around us) is in finding the Order of thought and life which God has revealed. The Biblical teaching is exegetical and rational with a commitment to what C.S. Lewis described as "mere Christianity". The Bible studies generally cover a book of the Bible in a 4 to 6 week session while the seminars address philosophies of human relationships in five lectures. These include understanding the Self, as man or woman, establishing a marriage wisely and child rearing with good effect. Occasionally there will be seminars addressing academic topics (such as history), or other philosophical topics (such as Manners or Crucial Concepts) that aid in living wisely and beautifully.

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