EP17: Charly Cox


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An actual poet on Early Work for the first time! Charly Cox Skypes in for another lockdown special, becoming the second guest to bring fan fiction. This time it's about George Sampson, his sisters phone number, his home address, and then the fiction starts. Charly and Rhys open up about their shared need for internet friends and forum admin status as children, song lyric ghost writing for friends and still writing poems well into their 20s (although only one of them has ever been paid for it). Not to mention an angry open-letter-poem to Zac Efron. With all these celebrities it's a wonder this podcast hasn't got an official #Spon yet. Follow Early Work on Twitter @EarlyWorkPod or you can follow him @rhysjamesy Email your Early Work to earlyworkpodcast@gmail.com

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