EP14: Doc Brown


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Lockdown. Doc Brown. The only guest to have an Early Work section on his wikipedia. How do you go from samosa dealing in your youth to playing a drug dealer in the Inbetweeners? From beatboxing in school talent shows to Jump Off champion and features on David Brent tracks? The extraordinary career of Ben Bailey Smith is no accident. He put in the work early doors, with raps about Mr Sheen, Neighbours and Rosa Parks. Not to mention the bizarre quantity of drawings of elephants in an A Team sketch book that no doubt played a huge part in his current work. Plus, Rhys plucks up the courage to read a rap slagging off rap to a rapper. The good thing about the quarantine episodes recorded remotely is no one can punch you. Follow Early Work on Twitter @EarlyWorkPod or you can follow him @rhysjamesy Email your Early Work to earlyworkpodcast@gmail.com

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