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Welcome to DXTALKS, the Digital Leaders Platform for Events & Media Partnerships. In 2020, our platform was founded by Rudy Shoushany (Speaker, Mentor, Top 50 Global Thought Leaders Governance and Top 100 Thought Leaders on Digital transformation), and it has been continuously growing and expanding to include: DX TALKS Live on YouTube | En & Ar | Monday’s, 6:30 PM (GMT +3) A Digital Transformation Talk show, around major emerging technologies that have the potential to impact numerous industries. It features experts, researchers, innovators, investors, entrepreneurs, startups, and tech executives at the core of digital transformation. CRYPTO TALKSLive on YouTube | En & Ar | Every Wednesday, 6:30 PM (GMT +3) A broadcast dedicated to the world of, blockchain, cryptocurrency, NFTs, Web 3.0 and the Metaverse. We create a talk that equips you with all the key knowledge and skills for your next crypto move. SPONSORSHIP/ NETWORKING Our strong network and connections provide many opportunities for brands and organizations. WHY Sponsor DxTalks?• The one and only bilingual online digital talk in the MENA region• 2 unique series dedicated to highly trending topics• A continuously growing community since 2020• An active network of over 10000 digital professionals and enthusiast• Connecting brands to the right target audience, clients and partners Visit our website dxtalks.com to learn more.

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