EP 185: Missy 3, April Big Finish reviews, & Monthly Mash-up gift giving


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Welcome to The Doctor Who: Alhambra Podcast, our Doctor Who centric podcast that discusses the latest Doctor Who and Big Finish news, reviewing Doctor Who audios from Big Finish, as well as discussing and reviewing both classic and new Doctor Who episodes, and much more!

In this podcast, Brett starts out reviewing Titan Comics - Missy #3, then myself, Liam, Legion, and Humphrey review the Big Finish releases for the month of April 2021, then we conclude with our new monthly mash-up review idea and the presents we are sharing with one another.

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  • Episode 185 Synopsis and Intro - 00:00:00
  • Titan Comics: Missy #3 - 00:02:13
  • Big Finish Releases for April 2021
    • Thunderbirds, Avalon, & Iris Wildthyme - 00:24:21
    • The Nineth Doctor: Ravangers Vol. 1 - 00:28:11
    • The Third Doctor Adventure Vol. 7 - 00:37:42
  • Monthly Mash-Up Premise - 00:51:46
  • Monthly Mash-Up Gift Giving - 00:56:44
  • Contact Info & Copyright - 01:01:55

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Email the show at: alhambraaudio@gmail.com

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The Intro/Outro Music "Revolve" is performed by HisBoyElroy

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