DNVR Rugby Podcast: 2022 RugbyTown 7s with Dallen Stanford


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Colton begins the show with “The Breakdown” presented by O’Neills by tracking the teams that the American Raptors will be playing on during the RugbyTown 7s, covers some RugbyTown 7s storylines, and wraps up with All of the Rugby You Can Watch this weekend presented by Wintergreen (0:00-7:39). Following “The Breakdown”, Colton talks all things RugbyTown 7s with World Rugby commentator and the voice of Infinity Park Dallen Stanford. Dallen provides some insight on how he prepares, previews the pools, and tells us about a few players he'll keep his eye on (7:41-28:58). After the interview presented by GuardLab, Colton talks about catapults in the Stat of the Week presented by Catapult, assigns some “Required Reading”, and closes the show with “The Loop” presented by First Bank (28:59-32:25).

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