Boxing Day Comedy-Drama: Soft Centres by Carl Chetty with Sir Derek Jacobi and Joanna Lumley


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Distinct Drama on Distinct Nostalgia introduces a Special Comedy Drama trilogy by Carl Chetty for Christmas week.

First Up....
Soft Centres by Carl Chetty

Starring SIR DEREK JACOBI as Frankie and JOANNA LUMLEY as Millicent
Soft Centres is set in a chocolate shop. It’s Valentine’s Day and there’s about as much love in this emporium as you might expect in a nest of vipers! Millicent and Frankie have been working together for more years than either of them care to remember. But in spite of their advancing years and working proximity, their relationship seems based entirely on conflict and a never ending stream of insults. However, this Valentine’s Day marks a ‘melting point in the hatred between these two confrontational chocolatiers, and we discover what lies at the heart of their mutual loathing.
Still to come - On Christmas Monday, Hard Centres with Sir Derek Jacobi and Imelda Staunton and on Christmas Tuesday, Dark Centres with Sir Derek Jacobi and June Brown.
Soft Centres is a Carl Chetty Production,

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