DRwJL – Addressing diversity and how the underserved communities deal with dementia.


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January 4, 2022 – My guest today is my friend Amelia Schafer, Senior Director of Growth and Engagement Strategy for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for the national Alzheimer’s Association. She is working hard to build trust in communities where people have been overlooked and underserved with dementia care. She is using community forums to reach people of color, Hispanic and Latino, and LGTBQ, who have needed our help for years. She is creating partnerships with diverse organizations to reach the folks who need help. Community forums are created to be listening sessions to find out what is lacking and how to solve problems where they live and uncover specific needs to provide better education and assistance.

We also chat about our health program, Optavia, that we have undertaken to get ourselves in better shape!

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