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My special guest is Camilla Nørgaard Jensen, an innovation expert and process facilitator.

Camilla has a PhD on value creation through creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, that undoubtedly makes her a perfect guest for this podcast.

She underlines that all knowledge that creates value is ultimately tacit knowledge. Her value creation life cycle framework starts with creativity where we begin to discover the problem and get use of playful techniques to create trust and start building on tacit knowledge through shared experiences. Then we move on to innovation phase where ideas are "reduced to practice" through purposeful experimentation. At the last step, we exploit new service or product by motivating our team in pursuit of generating value.

Lego Serious Play and applied improv are two enablers that Camilla uses very effectively during this journey. I enjoyed this episode and recommend to all, as it encompasses through almost everything this podcast is about.
Value creation life cycle (picture)
Wheel of Knowledge (picture)
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