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My special guest is Melina Palmer, CEO of The Brainy Business and the host of the Brainy Business Podcast.I am an avid listener of Melina’s Brainy Business podcast. As a BE enthusiast and a podcaster, I find her guests and the way she organizes links and notes for each episode, very inspirational. I have read her first book “What Your Customer Wants and Can’t Tell You” then I found out she’s about to publish her second book “What Your Employee Needs and Can’t Tell You”. I thought it’s a great opportunity to invite her to my show. So we recorded this episode last week and the book is due (tomorrow) on 11th of October.We talked about how Melina engaged with Behavioral Economics (BE), the reasons why BE is yet to be applied by majority of large corporations, as well as several useful tips from her books.Melina’s books are a practical guide on achieving customer satisfaction and organizational change through applying behavioral economics. Her latest book which will hit the shelves by tomorrow covers:An introduction to how the brain really works when faced with changeInsights into key biases and concepts the subconscious brain uses to make decisions“Apply it” sections with tips on how to start using what you have learned—immediatelyI strongly recommend you this book if you are responsible for managing change in an organization. Melina kindly offered for DYF audience free first chapters from one or both of her books, to find out if it’s a fit for you. How Melina got into BE (Behavioral Economics) (05:50) Transition from traditional to behavioral economics (11:30) Why corporates are slow to apply BE (15:00) Role of culture (18:17) Working with clients (21:32) Sharing her knowledge (24:09) Are we less creative working on a deadline (28:33) Three weeks? We’ll do it in two (31:43) Cost of being vague (34:52) Melina’s formula for creating value

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