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A record label and party based in New York City and Denver, Colorado Deep Club is a record label, collective, series of parties, and devotion to American dance music that stretches from Denver, Colorado to Queens, NY. Initiated in 2013 by a committed group of midwestern-raised DJs, Deep Club has cultivated a space in which developed and new forms of house and techno can be shared with the greater community. By marrying their club-level sound system with a DIY ethos, they present a focused vision and experience around their events. Over the last seven years Deep Club has hosted acclaimed talent like Marcellus Pittman, The Black Madonna, and Mike Huckaby at their dance-until-sunrise parties. A string of colorful and well-curated 12-inch vinyl releases and DJ mixes marks the outward and continuous growth of the Deep Club label concept. Residents: Ponyrok @ponyrok Bocaj @bocajdenver DJ Drew Lone Dancer @lonedancer Occidental @occidental-1 Ryan Scannura email: Subscribe to our newsletter:

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