101: Christopher Turner | 25 Years A Spy – Lessons In Espionage From A CIA Veteran.


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The following is a conversation with Christopher Turner, a 25-year veteran of America’s Central Intelligence Agency.

During these 25 years, Turner completed sensitive assignments in the Far East, South Asia, and Europe and those locations are intentionally vague for reasons you will discover during the conversation. Notably, Turner is a recipient of the Intelligence Star, which is a rare commendation for valour under fire, but more on that in the conversation.

Christopher also has a very interesting pre-CIA career as well, he served as an anthropologist in a largely untouched, hidden away civilisation tribe in the Philippines.

Since retiring from the CIA, Turner has penned several books, including, the non-fiction historical, CASSIA Spy Ring and the upcoming fictional spy novel, The Locksmith Of Salzburg.

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Time Stamps With Christopher Turner

  • 00:00 – Introduction.
  • 02:16 – How Did Living With A Filipino Tribe Inform Your Future Work As A Spy?
  • 16:50 – Horrific Imelda Marcos Story.
  • 25:24 – Serendipity In Turner’s Life.
  • 34:39 – CIA Recruitment & Predicting The Future.
  • 45:53 – Christopher Turner On Putin.
  • 49:46 – The Value Of Discernment.
  • 52:56 – Training For Espionage.
  • 1:04:21 – Where Did Turner Serve His 25 Years?
  • 1:12:06 – What Is Cover (My Favourite Part)
  • 1:40:06 – The Art Of Persuasion (My Second Favourite Part)
  • 2:08:41 – Communication Is The Most Important Transferable Skill.
  • 2:12:46 – Exotic & High Stakes (Intelligence Star).
  • 2:28:51 – Ethics Of CIA, Conspiracy & Religious Fundamentalism.
  • 2:46:24 – America Is The Best Country In The World.
  • 2:53:16 – Country You Are Bullish On & Conversation Between Any Two People Of History.
  • 2:56:23 – Afterthoughts & Ambition For The Podcast.


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